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Zaitoun - Recipes and Stories from Palestine - Yasmeen Khan


En inspirerende kokebok som også er en reiseskildring fra Yasmeens Khans møte med Palestina og palestinsk mat. Med fantastiske bilder og tankevekkende tekster er denne boka perfekt til alle med hjerte for Palestina.

A dazzling celebration of Palestinian cuisine, featuring more than 80 modern recipes, captivating stories and stunning travel photography. “Yasmin Khan draws on her vast experience as a storyteller, cook, human rights activist, itinerant traveller and writer to create a moving, empathetic, hugely knowledgeable and utterly delicious book” Anthony Bourdain

Yasmin Khan unlocks the flavours and fragrances of modern Palestine, from the olive groves of Nazareth, the spice markets of Jerusalem and the fishing ports of Gaza. Her journey takes her from the pomegranate juice stalls of Akka, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, to the home kitchens of refugees, surrounded by the Wall in Bethlehem, via the knafeh sweet shops of bustling downtown Nablus. On her travels, she learns how to hand-roll maftool, the plump Palestinian giant couscous, harvests black olives from the groves of Burquin in the West Bank and even finds time to down a pint with workers at the Taybeh brewery who are producing the first Palestinian craft beer. As she feasts and cooks with Palestinians of all ages and backgrounds, she learns about the realities of their everyday lives, witnessed through the act of breaking bread over a kitchen table.

Featuring over 80 accessible recipes, with a special focus on vegetarian versions of Palestinian classics, Khan’s recipes include herb-filled salads, quick pickles, fragrant soups, tender roasted meat dishes and rich desserts, surrounded by a chorus of stories from those who live, love and cook with Palestine in their hearts. 

Språk: Engelsk
Format: Innbundet
Utgivelsesår: 2018
Antall sider: 352
Forlag: Bloomsbury

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